TKO E-Commerce Store Operation Manual

Login To The Backend

Use the link, username, and password provided in an email

Managing Orders

Viewing Orders

Hover STORE and select ORDERS

Viewing Complete Order Details

Click on the name of any order to open the order details screen and view billing and shipping address, products ordered and more.

Managing Products

Viewing Your Products

Hover Over Products and Click On View All Products.  You will use this process to also add new products.

Understanding The Product Page

Click on the name of any product to open up the edit screen.


Product Title

The first field on this page is the Title Of Your Product.

Pricing and Inventory

Scroll Down and you will be able to edit pricing, sale price, and inventory.
For adding custom variations of a product like sizes, colors, and pricing variations, please contact your assigned web developer.


Add A Description

Scroll down under the Product Data and Pricing Section.  Type out your product description in the SHORT DESCRIPTION text area.  This will appear underneath your Product Title and above your pricing.

Add An Image

On the right sidebar next to Product Short Description, click on Add Product Image.  A file upload screen will appear.  You can drag and drop your image here, or click on the upload files tab to open up your computers browser to select an image.  Your site will automatically resize the image to create an even look on the frontend of your site.



Add your product to a category by using the category section on the right sidebar. Simply check off or uncheck categories to make it easily filterable for your customers on the frontend of your shop.  You can select multiple categories.  If you do not have a category for your product yet, click on Add Category, type in the name of your category and click on the Add Category button.


Publish your Edits

When your edits are complete use the green UPDATE or PUBLISH button located on the right sidebar near the top.  This will immediately make your product live on the frontend.

Creating New Products


Click On View All Products

To create a new product we are simply duplicating a current product and editing all the information. This way everything is already formatted and we are just replacing. Hover over any product title and a click on the duplicate link.

Change The Following

Product Title
Short Description
Product Image
Click On Update